an informal study and growing collection of textures both visual and aural. they are free to use how you see fit, full resolution images can be acquired by clicking on thumbnails.

collected sound

collections of foley, textures and ambience, sorted into ZIP files based on location taken and the nature of the sound.

razorheatsink.zip [WAV, 12.4MB] - textures gathered by scraping a razor along the surface of an old CPU heatsink.

silicapit.zip [MP3 320, 590KB] - textures gathered by crushing soft rock between my fingers into the surrounding dirt.

speakerdiag.zip [WAV, 3.9MB] - sound gathered from an old Harman Kardon 06941V PC Speaker, particularly the recessed "diag" button on the rear, some knob clicks are included too.

textures collected with my phone camera

textures gathered with a 1.3MP USB microscope I found at a thrift store

micro.zip [13.2MB] - ZIP file containing all of the following textures