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posts sorted in chronological order of writing, not necessarily publishing or sharing. things might appear here SUDDENLY AND ANACHRONISTICALLY. watch out. welcome to my blog :).

  • 07-07-23 - American Truck Simulator and Depictions of Home - Formalization and extension of a tweet thread about my out-of-bounds explorations of my own hometown through the lens of American Truck Simulator.
  • 06-28-23 - Illustration School, Art Perceptions, and Extended Burnout - Retracing my steps through college, attempting to write out what exactly I want out of art and how I wound up severely burnt out.
  • 04-11-23 - Sunset - Optimistic thoughts on a coffee shop my sister and I frequented during a semester - in trying to connect with the world around me.
  • 03-31-23 - recluse, sentiment, dust, embrace - small thoughts - retrospective thoughts on the intentions behind this album.
  • 03-23-23 - The Sorrows of Young Werther, Perspectives in Fiction, Reading Habits - inaugural blog post. it's a book review that talks about how i've felt about a lot of written fiction for most of my life.
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