Sunset - Coffee Shop

  • There's a coffee shop my sister and I frequent, 15 minutes up north. Usually we go because we both have a whole bunch of homework to do and we've been languishing in our bedrooms, letting deadlines creep up. It occupies the need of a place to go late at night that isn't too far away. I've developed a bit of an attachment to it, because of that. It's not a great coffee shop by any metric, but it stands in for some sort of vague sense of community at an hour where very little else does.
  • Surrounding Space

    The Coffee Shop as a Coffee Shop




  • I think some of the impetus behind writing this post has to do with the long winter we've had here. There hasn't been a chance to get outside, and school has been rough. Coming to a coffee shop seems to hone in focus a little bit and take off a bit of that pressure. I've been trying to cultivate a perception that my immediate surroundings are special to me to bring a bit of joy. There are a lot of odd corners of the world to fixate on.
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