Hello, welcome to my personal webpage. I'm Jade. I make a whole bunch of different things and live some amount of my life on the internet. I hope that with this webpage I can put a small part of myself out there and share the things I'm interested in in a fun way. Previously it's acted mostly as gallery space for my art, but I have hopes of making it something a little more as time goes on.

I make a lot of music on the computer, and I've been doing it for a while (10 years now!). What I make is all about spaces, textures, and everything downstream of some general interest in ambience and experimentation, through the language of digital audio tools. I take a lot of stock in the album format as a narrative and associative vehicle, and everything I've formally released follows suit in that.

Bandcamp - My entire discography is free to download. I still have a few CDs for sale, too!

Youtube - Some of my albums are on Youtube, if it suits your preference.

Soundcloud - This is where i put sketches and scribbles and bits left over. Treats and morsels you can't find anywhere else!

Over the years I've made a lot of visual artwork, too - for a while I wanted to make that my career path. It's a little harder to summarize - I've taken an interest in making things that deal with intuitive geometry, landscape painting, and abstract expression. Interspersed in that is an interest in furry art and the residual effect of illustration / animation school on my visual processing. There's also a photographic archive of a selection of ceramic work from around 2016-2018.

Portfolio - this serves as a summary of my body of visual artwork.

Archives - these archives contain, separated by year, a selection of almost every formal piece of artwork i've made since 2017.

This is where everything else goes. I'm not sure what to say about it yet, because there's not much there! I'm hoping to use this as an outlet for some longer form writing, blog posts, little projects, this and that.

Deer - (work in progress). A character sheet and webpage for The Jade Deer - my fursona, that is also me, that is also my fursona.

Here you'll find a bunch of things for your use.

Textures - Some time ago I decided I would become "textures harvester". I took a camera and a field recorder into my hand and set off to scrape up every bit of interest I could find. This is the result of that process: an ever growing collection of captured audio / visuals for you to use in your projects for any purpose.

Twitch - I've taken to doing occasional livestreams. For the most part my streams are about music production, but I'll diverge from that here and there and stream a game sometimes.

Cohost - I still don't know what I want to use this for, but it feels right to put it here.

Twitter - Social media communicative prosthesis. Updates on recent work, etc.

Letterboxd - Oh goodness.

Backloggd - Oh dear.